Useful Links

On this page I’m gonna show you a collection of Links that helped me a lot in doing my first steps in designing clothes with Photoshop and they are still very useful for me.

First of all you need clothing templates on which you can draw your piece of clothing. I recommend the Templates by Robin Wood which you get here: Robin Wood UV- Templates. There you will also find some tutorials, so that’s a good chioce.

PS Tutorials:

  • Tutorial Jungle: tutorials about text effects, making textures, backgrounds…
  • Photoshop Essentials: PS tutorials, PS basics tutorials, photo effect tutorials, text effect tutorials, tips and tricks, brushes
  • Photoshop Tutorials (German): text effects, PS basics…
  • Photoshop Tutorials: text-, photo-, texture-tutorials…
  • Natalia Zelmanov Tutorials: clothing tutorials, hair tutorials, sculpted prims, shoes, skins…I highly recommend this blog to everyone who wants a great tutorial with simple explanations and lots of pictures.
  • Nicola Escher: clothing in SL, first shirt in SL, alpha channel, tattoo…                                                            This were the first tutorials I read about PS and creating clothes for SL. Unfortunately they rather confused me than were helpful for me. But due to the fact that it was my first webpage about PS I visited and for the sake of completeness Nicola Escher should be listed here.
  • Avatar Toolbox: making skin, hair, eyes, clothes, SL basics, lots of useful informations…
  • SLmen – Avoiding the pants’ bottom bug!



That’s all I found in my favourites folder and from my memory 🙂 If you have any suggestions about cool and useful sites, please feel free to let me know so I can add them to this page.

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