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Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Lisa” and “Phil” # 5

This is the fifth and last Freebie Surprise Puzzle round. The outfits are completely disclosed now and all previous parts are available again at my mainstore for 2 weeks.

Lisa’s last item is a rose coloured top:
Lisa week 5

and Phil’s last item is a striped shirt:
Phil week 5

Yours, Jamie Holmer


Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Lisa” and “Phil” # 4

I just realized that this is my 3rd Freebie Surprise Puzzle post in succession. That means there was no new INDI Designs release since 3 weeks! Uuuh, that’s a long time because I’m used to make new releases weekly. And I’m sorry to say that there will also be no new release in the next week because I will be very busy in RL 😦 – BUT a new women’s outfit is already in process and this time it’s a “Special” one :). Take pot luck!

And now the Freebie Surprise Puzzle! New items are available again at my mainstore.

stockings for the women:
Lisa week 4

and a pair of pants for men:
Phil week 4

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Lisa” and “Phil” # 3

Today I disclosed new Freebie Surprise Puzzle items!

A rose coloured knee-length flexi skirt for women:
Lisa week 3

and a white jacket for men:
Phil week 3

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Lisa” and “Phil” # 2

New Freebie Surprise Puzzle items are available at my mainstore!

Lisa: a pair of gloves
Lisa week 2

Phil: a grey striped t-shirt
Phil week 2

Yours, Jamie Holmer


Second post today and again I’ve something for men, a new outfit called Aaron, which is available in 3 different colours: brown, black and blue.

The outfit includes:  

  • 2 cloth pants with crease (waist cut and normal cut) 
  • 12 shirts (2 different colours, on shirt and jacket layers, with and without painted collars)
  • 2 shirt bottoms (on underpants layer for waist cut pants)
  • 1 vest (jacket layer)
  • 2 suspenders (for waist cut pants and for normal cut pants on jacket layer)
  • 4 sculpted collars (with and without sculpted/flexi tie, 2 different colours)
  • 4 sculpted armcuffs (2 different colours)
  • 1 sculpted belt
  • underwear

Aaron brown

Aaron black

Aaron blue

The fedora hats shown on the pics are not included but available for sale separately at INDI Design’s mainstore.

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Fedora Hat

Fedora Hat all colours

What a great beginning of the month for men! First the MHO hunt and second: I released a new men’s hat collection :D!

It’s a sculpted fedora hat which comes in 9 different colours and textures: black, black leather, brown plaid, dark brown, grey checked, houndstooth brown, light blue plaid, white and white leather. Hair in 5 different shades is included as well as a hat version without hair. You can change the hat – and hair size via resize script, which guarantees an easy and quick way of fitting.

my favourites:
Fedora Hat white leather

Fedora Hat dark brown

Yours, Jamie Holmer

MHO Hunt contribution

The MHO Hunt is in full play right now so I think it’s time to show you my contribution to that special event which was set up for men only. I already informed you about the MHO Hunt in my last post so if you should have missed that you can check the infos again—> here

My gift for you is an outfit called Hunter (what an ingenious name 😉 ) which consists of:

  • 1 pair of black cloth pants with crease
  • 1 grey vest 
  • 4 shirts (black and white, on jacket and shirt layers)
  • 2 vest/shirt combis
  • 1 pair of black socks

Make Him Over Hunt (MHO)

Have fun with it!

MHO Blog

Yours, Jamie Holmer