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INDI Designs – O’Reilly Collection

INDI Designs released a new men’s shoes collection today!

O'Reilly Low Shoes

The O’Reilly low shoes are available in 9 different colours: black, blue, grey, light brown, red brown, walnut, white, beige and dark brown. They will be delivered in 2 versions: with resize script and unscripted.

O'Reilly Low Shoes


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INDI Designs – SLinside Adventskalender Gift

The German SL Forum SLinside arranges an Advent Calendar where every day another designer/creator hides a gift in her/his store. Today it’s my turn!  As from now (December 10 midnight CET) there are 2 Advent calendar boxes hidden somewhere at INDI Design’s mainstore containing an outfit for women and one for men. Please note that they are only available for 24 hours! Afterwards they will be sold at a regular price.

gift for women (Donna in black/white/burgundy):
SLinside Adventskalender Gift December 10th

gift for men (Chad in black/red):
SLinside Adventskalender Gift December 10th

Merry Christmas and happy searching!!!

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SLinside Forum

SLinside Adventskalender (click the current day to get a slurl to the store)

INDI Design’s Goodies!!!

Now that i have set up a new mainstore and had to change the landmarks from every single vendor poster I thought that it was time to make a huge clearing out.

At the basement you’ll find a Discount Area where you can get a wide range of older INDI Design’s outfits and shoes  for only 150 L$. Additionally you’ll find 2 boxes of goodies there containing 31 (!) women’s and 16 men’s outfits for 1 L$!



A new Freebie Surprise Puzzle round with new items for women and men has also started. You’ll find them at the entrance hall upstairs on the left and on the right.

Well, enough goodies for today :)!

Finally I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my customers for their support, regard and fidelity!!! Without you this wouldn’t have been possible! ❤

Click here for more pics of my new mainstore!

Visit INDI Design’s mainstore!

INDI Designs has moved!

I’m proud to tell you that INDI Designs has a new constructed mainstore and it’s own Sim now!!!

INDI Designs has a new mainstore!

Visit INDI Design’s new mainstore!