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Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Grace” and “Lewis” # 2

As always on Saturdays I disclosed the second items of the Freebie Surprise Puzzles Grace and Lewis.

a brown/red shirt for women:
Grace week 2

and a tank top in blue for men:
Lewis week 2

Yours, Jamie Holmer



A new men’s outfit in a casual style was released today, Harvey. The outfit which combines mature and youthful elements together is available in 2 versions: brown and petrol.

Harvey includes:

  • 1 sculpted hood
  • 1 sculpted hood + collar
  • 1 sculpted collar
  • 5 jackets
  • 2 shirts
  • 6 armcuffs
  • 1 pants
  • 1 sculpted belt
  • underwear

Harvey (brown):

Harvey (petrol):
Harvey (p)

The sneakers shown on the picture are not included but sold separately at INDI Designs mainstore.

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Grace” and “Lewis” # 1

The Freebie Surprise Puzzle goes on again with new outfits for women and men, Grace and Lewis.

Grace’s first item is a shirt in purple:

And Lewis’ first item is a pair of blue jeans:

Get more informations about the Freebie Surprise Puzzle here.

Yours, Jamie Holmer


I released a new women’s outfit today, Jersey. The look is difficult to describe, it’s one of these outfits I create without stereotyped thinking and without a certain concept and so does it look like. As with the older outfit Darlene it’s a hotchpotch of different styles put together. I’d say it’s a mixture of punk, neko, grunge and streetwear with a sense of youthfulness. Jersey is torn, dirty and trashy but also sexy and playful at the same time.

Jersey includes:

  • 2 sculpted fringed scarfs (pink/black and black/white)
  • 1 sculpted shoulder bag (with safety pins and buttons on it)
  • 4 shirts
  • 2 overalls tops (buttoned and unbuttoned – on jacket layer)
  • 2 jackets (with overalls tops underneath)
  • 2 pairs of sculpted gloves (pink/black and black/white)
  • 1 sculpted belt
  • 2 pants (1 overalls bottom and 1 single pants)
  • 2 sculpted leg cuffs
  • underwear (2 different stocking options)

The baseball cap is NOT included – it is sold separately!

And finally a baseball cap colour update (black):
Baseball cap black

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Valentine Hunt – 2 gifts from INDI Designs

The “14 Hearts Tour” started today! Therefore INDI offers a special Valentine’s gift for women and men which I designed only for this hunt. But the freebies are only available until February 14 th (until midnight) so hurry up and tp over to my mainstore. You’ll find the freebies conspicuous on the 2nd floor.

here they are:


about the hunt:

taxi to INDI Designs mainstore:

Yours, Jamie Holmer

14 Hearts Tour – Valentine Hunt


From February 12th – 14th there’s a Valentine Hunt where 14 designers including INDI Designs take part. In every gift box you’ll find a lm to the next store so you can hop from one shop to the next one to get your free gifts.

You’ll find 2 gift boxes at my mainstore – 1 with a women’s freebie and 1 with a gift for men.

I’m looking forward to see you soon! HAPPY VALENTINE!

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Ella” and “Cooper” # 6

The Surprise Puzzle outfits Ella and Cooper are completely disclosed now and all items are available again for 2 weeks ( L$ 5 each).

Ellas sixth and last item is a long-sleeved top:
Ella week-6

Coopers last item is a pair of black pants:
Cooper week-6

Yours, Jamie Holmer