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Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Liv” and “Leonard” # 1

A new Freebie Surprise Puzzle round has begun today with 2 new outfits, Liv and Leonard! And today I disclosed the first items.

Liv’s first item is a sexy salmon coloured shirt:
Liv week 1

Leonard’s first item is a pair of plaid pants (waist cut):
Leonard week 1

Yours, Jamie Holmer


Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Alice” and “Adrian” # 6

The Freebie Surprise Puzzle is completely disclosed now and all previous parts are available again at my mainstore (as always for 2 weeks).

Alice’s last item is a white/purple skirt:
Alice week 6

Adrian’s last item is a jacket + a long shirt underneath:
Adrian week 6

Yours, Jamie Holmer


I released a new men’s outfit today, Chad (named after a really nice customer of mine 😉 ). Chad is a casual/streetwear outfit with comfy hoodie jackets and ripped jeans.

The outfit includes:

  • 2 hoods
  • 12 hoodie jackets
  • 8 armcuffs
  • 2 shirts
  • 1 shirt bottom
  • 1 rivet belt
  • 4  jeans


Matching shoes are also available at my mainstore.

Yours, Jamie Holmer

New Poll!

I started a new poll (sidebar on the right) concerning the shopping behaviour of SL residents. The last poll was directed only to men, this time I’d like to know the opinion of  both sexes. The question is: Do you prefer purchasing whole outfits or rather separates?

What does that mean?

If you go shopping and intend to buy a complete outfit (including e.g. shirt, jacket, pants, belt…) would you compose this outfit by buying individual pieces (1 shirt from designer A + 1 pair of pants from designer B + accessories from designer C and so on…) or do you prefer buying the complete outfit with one click? I hope you understand what I mean.

The poll is not just for satisfying my curiosity. The results may also have an influence on INDI Design’s outfits in the future. It would give me great pleasure if you’d have a second to participate and click your choice.

You’ll find the results of the last poll (Dear men in SL: What are your preferred colours concerning clothes?) —> here

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Alice” and “Adrian” # 5

It’s Freebie Surprise Puzzle time again!

Alice’s fifth item is a white skirt:
Alice week 5

Adrian’s fifth item is a white shirt:
Adrian week 5

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Alice” and “Adrian” # 4

I’m back again from holidays!  And with only delay of one day here are the new Freebie Surprise Puzzle items:

a white top for women:
Alice week 4

and a pair of grey pants for men:
Adrian week 4

Yours, Jamie Holmer