Pants + Boots Tutorial

How to modify pants to wear them with boots?

Since lately I frequently hear customer’s complaints about my boots which supposed to have a low quality because the pants are always sticking out of them. Well, I can clear up that matter…

The boots are not the problem – it’s the pants! If the value of the pant’s lenght is set to 100, they will always stick out of the boots…let me show you what I mean:

step 1 modify pants

The pants I’m offering for sale have the length value 100 which is necessary if you want to wear them with high heels, sneakers and so on…but they all are set to MODIFY/COPY so if you want to wear them with boots you can modify the length so they will fit.

First of all put on the pants and boots and choose “pants” in the Appearance Mode (right-click your avatar -Avatar  Appearance). The pants length value is set to 100 now, this is the full length:
step 2 modify pants

Then set the pants length value down until the pants aren’t sticking out anymore –value near 80– and save it.

step 3 modify pants

And that’s it!

step 4 modify pants

Yours, Jamie Holmer

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