Customer’s FAQs

1. I purchased an item inworld/on the SL marketplace from you but it has never been delivered. Can you help me?

Please send a NC to Jamie Holmer including your name, the name of the non delivered item and the transaction details (copy/paste from your transactions history) and I’m going to resend you the item as soon as possible. Please understand that I need your transaction details as a proof that you really bought an item from my store. If you can’t find your purchase details in your transactions history and neither do i find it, unfortunately I cannot help you.

2. How do I find the transaction details/transactions history?

Please login to the Second Life Homepage and click Account – Transactions History (on the left sidebar):

Or if you bought something on the SL Marketplace: Sign in to SL Marketplace , choose My Marketplace – My Account from the top menu and then click Order History:

3. I want to send an item from your store as a gift. Is that possible? Do you offer transfer items?

All items are set to copy/modify and NO TRANSFER. If you want an item for gifting there are 3 options:

  1. Visit INDI Designs Online Store on the SL Marketplace and send an item as a gift.
  2. Ask Jamie Holmer to send you a transfer version.
  3. Ask Jamie Holmer to send a copy/modify version of the item directly to the presentee.

4. Do you offer Gift Cards?

No, I don’t offer gift cards anymore since my former gift card system got hacked.

5. On the vendor it says that the items will be delivered on multiple clothing layers, but they only came on one layer.

Please have a closer look at the item folder. You will find a box named “INDI – Additional Layers”. Rezz and open the box and you will get all possible layer options. I put the additional layers in an extra box to minimize chaos in your folder and make it more clear and organized.

6. I hate resize scripts, they cause so much lag, why do you offer items with resize scripts?

Resize scripted objects are a necessary evil, but an option a designer HAS to offer since many many people don’t know how to modify an object in SL without a resizer. For other designers it is also an option to make non modify objects modify to customers. The script I am using is deleteable and there is always an object version without resizer script included. Find the box “INDI – Modify Parts” in your item folder, rezz and open it and you will get object versions without any script. By the way the modify parts AND the resize parts are both mod/copy. The resize version says it’s no modify because the script inside is no modify but the object itself is.



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