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Jamie is on Holiday!

I’m taking a short break and go on holiday for a week (from July 27th  – August 3rd). I will be able to check e-mail messages but I won’t have access to SL. Because of that please notice that the customer service won’t be guaranteed until I’m back again. The release of the next Freebie Surprise Puzzle items, which are usually released on Saturdays, will also be delayed until I’m back (at the latest on Tuesday, August 4th).

Furthermore, I will miss the beginning of the Rezzable Swansong event, which is a real pity, because it’s the last fashion event at Black Swan and I feel honoured to participate with 2 outfits I specially designed for it.

I don’t show you the complete outfits yet but here are 2 teasers of my contributions:
Swansong Teaser

Swansong Teaser

See ya!


Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Alice” and “Adrian” # 3

New Freebie Surprise Puzzle items are available now at my mainstore.

a purple skirt for women:
Alice week 3

and a blue jacket for men:
Adrian week 3

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Alice” and “Adrian” # 2

The second items of the Freebie Surprise Puzzles Alice and Adrian were disclosed today!

a purple/green skirt for women:
Alice week 2

a white t-shirt for men:
Adrian week 2

Yours, Jamie Holmer

INDI Designs Store Card System disabled!




New Tutorial

I just added a new Tutorial to the Photoshop Basics/Tutorials page! ! It’s called Photoshop Actions Tutorial – How to create and use Actions in Photoshop to save time and trouble?  Click here if you are interested.

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Alice” and “Adrian” # 1

A new Freebie Surprise Puzzle round has begun! The first items of the outfits Alice and Adrian are available for L$ 1 at my mainstore until next Saturday. Click here for informations about the Freebie Surprise Puzzles.

This is the first item of the women’s outfit Alice (purple top):
Alice week 1

a pair of blue pants for men:
Adrian week 1

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Summer Breeze – Beachwear for men!


Good news guys! As of today the “Summer Breeze” Beachwear Line is available for men too!

The whole Summer Breeze Line is composed of:

  • Swimming Trunks 
  • Jeans (short) (unbuttoned and normal)
  • Wet T-Shirts
  • Wet Tanks
  • Flip Flops
  • Beach Buckets with Equipment
  • Swimming Rings (dog theme)
  • Beach Towels (around the neck)
  • Sun Cream paintings (finger painted)

As with the women’s beachwear, every item is available separately and as Full Pack so you can compile your own beach outfit according to your wishes! Each of them is available in different summer colours and /or styles.

Now I’m gonna show you some of my favourite Summer Breeze styles for men:

You’ll find the Summer Breeze Line at the men’s department (second floor) of my mainstore. Click here for more pictures.

Yours, Jamie Holmer