Bloggers FAQs

1. Do you accept blogger requests?

At the moment INDI Designs accepts requests from female and male bloggers.

2. How should I contact you if I want to blog INDI Designs items?

Please send a NC to Jamie Holmer with following informations: your name and the name(s) of your co blogger(s) if there are any, blog url, how long you’ve been blogging, feeds and visitor count of your blog. If you already know which item(s) you’d like to feature on your blog, please also list the names of the items in the NC. I will get back to you asap.

3. What’s your review policy? What are the requirements?

  • your blog is at least 6 months old
  • your blog is well frequented
  • your blog is syndicated on fashion feeds (at least 2)
  • you are interested in blogging my items because you like them and would personally wear them
  • you put emphasis on quality not quantity (the quality of your pics and the items you present is more important to you than making for example 20 posts a day)
  • blog layout and pics are appealing to me

4. I sent you a NC 2 days ago and I didn’t get an answer, does that mean you don’t accept me?

I always try to respond as soon as I can. Please understand that sometimes I’m not online for a couple of days or I am busy working on new creations. So if I don’t answer you right away doesn’t mean that you are not accepted. If I don’t answer you within a week, the NC maybe got capped. In this case please contact me again.

5. Do you have a group for bloggers? How can I join?

Yes I set up an invitation only group for bloggers of INDI Designs. This group is for bloggers that I already know, whose work is amazing and who frequently blog my creations. So if you contact me for the first time you most likely won’t get an immediate invitation, except your work blows me away :).

6. I love your new release and would like to blog it.

If you contact me for the first time please see point 2 above. If I already sent you review copies in the past, just send me a NC with the names of the items you’d like to blog and i will hand them over to you asap.

7. The blog is owned by a team of bloggers. Will you send your creations to them as well?

If the blog meets the requirements listed above (point 3) and I already accepted one member of the blogger team i will send my creations to the co-bloggers too on request.

8. You sent me a Full Pack, does that mean I have to blog all colors?

No. I sent you the Full Pack so you can choose the color(s) you prefer.

9. I’m member of your bloggers group. Do I have to blog every new release you send?

No. Please don’t feel forced to blog every single item in every single color that i send to the group. If you like it – blog it, if you don’t like it – ignore it.

9. I won’t have time to blog for the next couple of days/weeks. Will you kill me now?

It’s absolutely no problem if you won’t be able to blog for a period of time, for whatever reasons! I won’t be angry with you and I won’t do anything cruel and I assure you that I’m not going to kill you ;).


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