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INDI Designs – 5 women’s hairstyles!

Since yesterday there’s a new little shop building located at the INDI Designs sim opposite to the mainstore. It’s my very first hair shop where you can find my very first 5 women’s hairstyles!






Each hairstyle is offered in 24 colors divided into blondes, browns, reds, blacks and all colors. Each color pack contains 6 different shades. Additionally the hair comes also with and without resize option for easy fitting.

Try out the free hairstyle-and color- demos before buying!

Visit INDI Designs mainstore!


INDI Designs – Deena

INDI Designs released a new women’s outfit today!


Deena, a sexy leather outfit with an entire sculpted top, is available in a brown and a black version.

Each version includes:

  • 1 sculpted top (consisting of 2 parts in 3 sizes (breast size 40, 60 and 80)
  • 3 tops
  • 2 pants
  • 1 tights
  • 1 sculpted belt
  • 4 sculpted sleeves

All clothing items will be delivered on multiple layers! All sculpted parts come with and without resize script!



Visit INDI Designs mainstore!