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Freebie Surprise Puzzle – “Susan” and “Marc” # 2

For those of you who don’t know what the INDI DesignsFreebie Surprise Puzzle is about you can check it here.

Last week the first items of the outfits Susan and Marc were disclosed, have a look at them here

The second items are available since today!

a black top with a red scarf underneath:
Susan (w 2)

white shorts:

 Marc (w 2)

 Yours, Jamie Holmer

Cowboy hat update

A black cowboy hat with rivets was released today for women and men. Hair in 3 different shades (blonde, dark brown and black) is included as well as a hat version without hair.
cowboy hat black (women)
cowboy hat black (men)

Yours, Jamie Holmer


INDI Design’s new release is named Viggo, a cowboy outfit for men. It is the counterpart of the women’s outfit Victoria.

Viggo includes:

  • 1 sculpted collar
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 flexi jacket bottom
  • 6 shirts ( with and without vest)
  • 1 pants
  • 2 chaps
  • 1 partly sculpted belt
  • underwear


The cowboy hat is not included, but it is offered separately:
cowboy hat

Yours, Jamie Holmer

INDI Design’s blog move

Hi there,

I was a bit tired of my old blog and needed some changes, so INDI Design’s blog has moved from to where I will continue posting my new releases, freebie puzzles and all news concerning INDI Designs.

So welcome to my new blog!

Yours, Jamie Holmer