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With Love Again Hunt

INDI Designs is participating the With Love Again Hunt which started today!

The With Love, Again Hunt.

There are two hunt items (L$ 10 each) hidden somewhere at my store, a Beanie for the ladies and an Oversized Beanie for men. Both Beanies come with and without resize script, with hair (7 hair colors) and a version without hair is also included.

With Love Again Hunt

With Love Again Hunt

Search for a little red gift box hidden inside INDI Design’s mainstore.

HINT (men): “Where it belongs to”

HINT (women): “Touch me to get to me”

Visit INDI Designs mainstore!

Slurl + Hint List


Beautiful Places in Second Life

Just for once a non-fashion related post.

As some of you may know, I posted a list of beautiful places, respectively my favourite places of SL  (including pics and slurl)  here at my blog. This list has not been updated since felt 2 years (I’m awfully sorry for this) and many of those places don’t exist anymore or were redesigned.  And now finally I found the time to update this list and I also added 8 places!

Visit the updated page of  Beautiful Places in Second Life.

And by the way, if you know a beautiful place that is not shown on my page, feel free to comment or add further LMs of beautiful sims.