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With Love Again Hunt

INDI Designs is participating the With Love Again Hunt which started today!

The With Love, Again Hunt.

There are two hunt items (L$ 10 each) hidden somewhere at my store, a Beanie for the ladies and an Oversized Beanie for men. Both Beanies come with and without resize script, with hair (7 hair colors) and a version without hair is also included.

With Love Again Hunt

With Love Again Hunt

Search for a little red gift box hidden inside INDI Design’s mainstore.

HINT (men): “Where it belongs to”

HINT (women): “Touch me to get to me”

Visit INDI Designs mainstore!

Slurl + Hint List

INDI Designs – Tina (for TOSL Hunt)

INDI Designs is participating the TOSL Hunt  (June 15 – July 15) providing a women’s outfit. The hunt item is hidden somewhere inside INDI Designs mainstore (search for a tiny blue tray). A little hint: SHOOE – BEE – DOO :) And this is what you’ll get:

Tina (TOSL Hunt item)

Visit INDI Designs mainstore!

TOSL Hunt – Hint List

With Love from INDI Designs

The With Love From... Hunts (With Love From...)

INDI Designs is participating the WITH LOVE HUNT  (November 26th – December 17th) providing a 10 L$ outfit for women. The hunt item is hidden somewhere inside INDI Designs mainstore (search for an old paper roll). A little hint: Ladies like it HOT 🙂 And this is what you’ll get:

With Love from INDI Designs

With Love from INDI Designs

With Love from INDI Designs

With Love from INDI Designs

Visit INDI Designs mainstore!

With Love Hunt – LMs & Hints!

MHO Hunt

Wouldn’t it be greatly fantastic if there would be a special event in SL for MEN ONLY? Maybe something like a hunt? I’d say definitely yes! Most of the hunts (and not only hunts, other events and specials too) in SL are women-oriented, there’s so much more for women than for men in SL – a real pity I think! Now I have good news for you guys: As from tomorrow until end of June there’s a hunt only for men, the Make Him Over hunt.


Over 150 designers of men’s fashion and accessories are participating and every single one provides a special gift for you which is hidden somewhere in the store. Just look for the orange male symbol, there’s the free item in it and also a landmark to the next store. 

Starting location is MADesigns. Find the male symbol with the gift and a LM and teleport to the next store, where you again find a gift with a LM to the next location…continue doing this until you reach the end. The hunt is circular, that means at the last store you’ll find a LM to the first store again to ensure you will be able to visit all participating stores even if your starting location is somewhere in the middle.

Here’s the complete list of designers participating the MHO hunt:

1- MADesigns

2- BeReal
3- [ hoorenbeek ]
4- Color Me Chaos
5- MaXeyes Creations
6- A Touch of Surreal Designs / “nuvolino” Studios
7- Made for you
8- Alphamale
9- !BooPerFunK!
10- :::LiNe:::
11- A-BOMB
12- Fierce Designs Menswear
13- Bryce Designs
14- *kARNAL rAGE*
15- Trixxy’s Shop
16- SF Design
17- KIWI
18- Santero Men’s Fashions and Skins
19- Ducknipple
20- Bower Bird
21- Young Urban
22- [SS] Design
23- .:: LacieCakes ::.
24- B&F-Poseworx
25- EROS Fashions
26- Ephemeral Creations
28- DYN Clothing
29- Jeckalicious
30- Shiki Design
31- Divogado Zenovka
32- A:S:S
33- Kumaki Glasses Style
34- Concret Flowers
35- *Filigreemotion* & ~Fadeless~
36- Mustang Trading Post
37- Essential Soul Studio N Poses
38- INDI Designs
39- MK Fashion
40- Fools Fate
41- Subtle Submission
42- VPoses
43- Shapes by Zada
44- H.I.M. Fashions
45- English Element
46- Zoobong
47- Beauty Salon Cri-Cri
48- Watch Shops
49- s’LADE MEN
50- Millage Valenti Skin Store
51- Whippet & Buck
52- crash couture
53- Trashtastic! Designs
54- Signature
55- [S.Loves] & Pose-ology
56- Smooth Designs
57- Hepatits C
58- a.C Store
59- Hell Bop Clothing
61- BRUTAL mans wear
62- NoaR
63- H.S.C.C Custom Choppers
64- Sassy Kitty Designs
65- Dark Heaven
66- 5ifth Order
67- =^ WILDCATZ ^=
68- C.Smit
69- Thalia’s Fashion Collection
70- .::NOSOTR@S::. designs
71- *NLimbo* Custom Poses
72- GR!
73- Delicatto
74- Tequila Tattoo/ Tattoo
75- Robbish Design
76- Maverick Design
77- Kabuki Creations
78- Gentlemen’s Apparel
79- Wolle
80- Bete Noire Clothier
82- x’ed
84- +DV8+
86- NachtMusik
87- Glamour Body Shop
89- ..:: iPop ::..
90- Adjunct
91- Dissident Rock
92- Sweetest Goodbye
94- Don Hosho
95- Wicked Fashion
96- NSD
98- Shop141
99- Wild Style Fashions
100- ::eXceSs:: Androgyne
101- Primal Tech
102- Ell’s Wedding Creations
103- Exile
104- Passionate Neko
105- Perfectionist
107- Treads
108- Emery
109- Knockout Ties
110- Rhiamon’s Realm
111- Shine
112- The Scottish Unicorn – Kilts, Western, Medieval
113- Sable Rose Jewelry
114- Stylissimo
115- Magg & Albert – Fine Jewelry
116- -DEMISE-
117- Shape by Kira and Corrupted Innocence
118- Afterlove tattoos and piercings
119- Animations Rising
120- The Cat Shapes
121- BalAni
122- .::SM::. Sensual Mistery Store
123- Moonshine
124- Stud Puppy
125- Peeps Fashion
126- *ICED*
127- Howl Howley Collection & Kit Kat Clothing
128- Dionysia Designs
129- : : NebuchadNezzar – NDN
130- Casey’s Creations
131- JLZ Designs – Garb line
132- BULL & BEAR
133- Sr & Sra Smit Fashion
134- Bliensen + MaiTai
135- Alli&Ali Designs
136- Jungle Wear
137- R&S Designs
138- Tesoro 4 Men
139- RGK Custom Photo Services
140- Goth1c0
142- :=- momomuller -=:
143- Toxic Tiger
146- Reek
147- [42]
148- Sartoria
149- Prim & Pixel Paradise
150- Kosh
151- GQ Fashion for Man

And if you have a closer look at the list you’ll find…. INDI Designs! Yes, I’m one of the participating designers providing a free hunt item just for you guys :D. I’m looking forward to see you at my mainstore! 🙂

Just a little hint: the male symbol containing the gift is located at the second floor.

You get all informations about the MHO hunt at the MHO Blog.

Yours, Jamie Holmer