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INDI Designs – Hoodie Sweater

A new men’s Hoodie Sweater is available at INDI Designs!

Hoodie Sweater

Hoodie Sweater

Hoodie Sweater

The Hoodie Sweater is available in 10 different colors and each color includes 2 styles. You can also get an all colors set at INDI Designs mainstore.

Each color version includes:

  • 2 hoodie sweaters (2 different colored hems and collars)
  • 2 hoods
  • 4 sculpted sleeves
  • 2 sculpted bottoms

All clothing items will be delivered on multiple layers! All sculpted parts come with and without resize script!

Hoodie Sweater

Hoodie Sweater

Hoodie Sweater

Visit INDI Designs mainstore!


A new men’s outfit in a casual style was released today, Harvey. The outfit which combines mature and youthful elements together is available in 2 versions: brown and petrol.

Harvey includes:

  • 1 sculpted hood
  • 1 sculpted hood + collar
  • 1 sculpted collar
  • 5 jackets
  • 2 shirts
  • 6 armcuffs
  • 1 pants
  • 1 sculpted belt
  • underwear

Harvey (brown):

Harvey (petrol):
Harvey (p)

The sneakers shown on the picture are not included but sold separately at INDI Designs mainstore.

Yours, Jamie Holmer