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“Water & Ice” and “Desert Earth” for Rezzable

Today I present you my contribution to the Black Swan “Swansong” fashion event. The task was to create an outfit inspired by one of the elements: water, fire, earth and air. I created 2 outfits, one for women and one for men, which are now available at my mainstore.

The women’s outfit is called Water & Ice. As its name implies the outfit is inspired by the element water. It includes 2 colour versions: blue (=water) and white (=ice) and consists of 28 pieces:

4 tops
6 skirts ( 3 different skirt styles, gown, long and short)
4 glitchpants
2 gloves
2 headgear
2 hair extensions
2 bubbles around the neck
2 pairs of high heels
waterdrops on underwear layers

Water and Ice for Rezzable

The men’s outfit “Desert Earth” is inspired by the element earth. It is held in brown (= earth) and grey (=stone) shades. The textures I used range from leather, mud and dry earth to stone and metal textures.

Desert Earth includes 18 pieces:

1 sculpted belt
2 hoods (with and without hair)
1 pair of sculpted boots
6 shirts (on jacket-and shirt layers)
2 armbelts
2 pants ( 1 boots version on underwear layer and 1 pants version)
2 shoulder plates ( with and without cloak)
1 gloves

Desert Earth for Rezzable

All prim attachments are resizable as well as unscripted (modify).

Yours, Jamie Holmer


Jamie is on Holiday!

I’m taking a short break and go on holiday for a week (from July 27th  – August 3rd). I will be able to check e-mail messages but I won’t have access to SL. Because of that please notice that the customer service won’t be guaranteed until I’m back again. The release of the next Freebie Surprise Puzzle items, which are usually released on Saturdays, will also be delayed until I’m back (at the latest on Tuesday, August 4th).

Furthermore, I will miss the beginning of the Rezzable Swansong event, which is a real pity, because it’s the last fashion event at Black Swan and I feel honoured to participate with 2 outfits I specially designed for it.

I don’t show you the complete outfits yet but here are 2 teasers of my contributions:
Swansong Teaser

Swansong Teaser

See ya!

Fashion Designers Challenge – Fashion Shows


Today, May 5th at NOON SLT the first FDC Fashion Show takes place where the Timeless Fashion Agency presents the results of the Fashion Designers Challenge.


First Fashion Show: Tuesday, May 5th at NOON SLT:

Second Fashion Show: Saturday, May 16th at 6pm SLT:

You can purchase all FDC outfits at following locations (from today after the Fashion Show until May 17th):

The  Road to Oz:

Snatch City:

Further informations about the Challenge —> here.

Yours, Jamie Holmer

Fashion Show today!

berlin show

Today, 2:00 pm SLT there will be a Fashion Show at New Berlin presented by Berlin Models. The labels Ibizzare, Stitch by Stitch and INDI Designs take part of this Show with a variety of women’s and men’s fashion.  

Here’s the taxi to the Fashion Show:

Yours, Jamie Holmer