INDI Designs – Michelle

Michelle, a women’s outfit  for cold autumn days, arrived at INDI Designs!



Michelle, a combination of hooded knit cardigans, blouse and mini skirt, is available in 3 different versions: with red and black cardigans, with brown and beige cardigans and with blue and pink cardigans.


Each color version includes:

  • 1 blouse
  • 2 cardigans
  • 2 collars with hood (for cardigans)
  • 1  collar (for blouse)
  • 2 cardigan collars with hood and with blouse collar
  • 2 cardigan bottoms
  • 4 sleeves (for cardigan)
  • 2 sleeves (for blouse)
  • 1 glitchpants
  • 1 skirt prim
  • 1 tights
  • 1 stockings

All clothing items will be delivered on multiple layers! All sculpted parts come with and without resize script!




Visit INDI Designs mainstore!


About jamieholmer

I enjoy being a clothing designer in Second Life where I can act out my creativity, my vivid imagination and my love for details and play of colours. View all posts by jamieholmer

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