“Water & Ice” and “Desert Earth” for Rezzable

Today I present you my contribution to the Black Swan “Swansong” fashion event. The task was to create an outfit inspired by one of the elements: water, fire, earth and air. I created 2 outfits, one for women and one for men, which are now available at my mainstore.

The women’s outfit is called Water & Ice. As its name implies the outfit is inspired by the element water. It includes 2 colour versions: blue (=water) and white (=ice) and consists of 28 pieces:

4 tops
6 skirts ( 3 different skirt styles, gown, long and short)
4 glitchpants
2 gloves
2 headgear
2 hair extensions
2 bubbles around the neck
2 pairs of high heels
waterdrops on underwear layers

Water and Ice for Rezzable

The men’s outfit “Desert Earth” is inspired by the element earth. It is held in brown (= earth) and grey (=stone) shades. The textures I used range from leather, mud and dry earth to stone and metal textures.

Desert Earth includes 18 pieces:

1 sculpted belt
2 hoods (with and without hair)
1 pair of sculpted boots
6 shirts (on jacket-and shirt layers)
2 armbelts
2 pants ( 1 boots version on underwear layer and 1 pants version)
2 shoulder plates ( with and without cloak)
1 gloves

Desert Earth for Rezzable

All prim attachments are resizable as well as unscripted (modify).

Yours, Jamie Holmer


About jamieholmer

I enjoy being a clothing designer in Second Life where I can act out my creativity, my vivid imagination and my love for details and play of colours. View all posts by jamieholmer

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