Fashion Designers Challenge


I’m proud to tell you that I am among the 35 fashion designers taking part of the Fashion Designers Challenge (FDC)!!!

What? Why? Who? When?

The answers to that questions, updates, rules etc…  you’ll find on the FDC Blog.

The idea comes from Samsara Nishi (Sam’s Secret Boutique) who invited 35 brave designers, including me, to join the challenge. The idea is to define a challenge to send to another fashion designer, to create an outfit based on the challenge he/she  received from another fashion designer and to blog about the outfit someone else created. That means: “Fashion-Designer-A” defines a challenge that “Fashion-Designer-B” will create and “Fashion-Designer-C” will blog about. The funny and exciting thing is that the challenges were distributed randomly among the designers. Nobody knew before what comes up. There were individual challenges but also team challenges. Teams were created composed of clothing-, hair-, jewelry-, skin- and shoe-designers to work together into a harmonized final look. Each team has the mission to work together during the creative process to reach their individual challenges goals into a harmonized final outfit including all pieces created by them.

I was challenged by Sioxie Legend and she wanted me to:

“Make an outfit from Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Sunflowers – do not use
his paintings directly but rather use them as an inspiration…”

Believe me that sounds easier than it actually is! I’ve never made anything like this before. I’ve been working on that outfit for 2 weeks, started all over again 4 times, changed my mind 2 times… 🙂 2 weeks full of fun, excitement, worries and desperation… constant ups and downs… until I finally was pretty content with version # 4.

All I can tell you is that I choose the Sunflowers theme and here’s a little mystery preview: 🙂


Keep on reading the FDC Blog for further informations.

Yours, Jamie Holmer


About jamieholmer

I enjoy being a clothing designer in Second Life where I can act out my creativity, my vivid imagination and my love for details and play of colours. View all posts by jamieholmer

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