Christmas Gift Boxes

Yesterday a customer brought me to an idea. He wanted to purchase an outfit as a gift version but decoratively wrapped up in a nice gift box and with a greeting card on it with a personal message for the presentee. I adopted this idea and created 5 different coloured gift boxes, put a moving script in it (so you can left click the upper part of the gift box so the box will open and the gift appears) and wrote a greeting card. So if you want a decoratively wrapped up christmas gift for your friend as well, please follow the instructions:

Please send me a notecard with following informations:

  1. which item do you want as a gift version
  2. which of the provided gift boxes do you want (per each item you can choose one box). You can choose between 5 different colours: ice, green, red, green/red and gold
  3. If requested I will write a personal message on a greeting card, so I need your name, the name of the presentee and the content of the message (a sample what a personal message could look like is shown on the picture below). It’s also no problem to write a message in your native language. sample-greeting-card
  • I don’t charge any money for this service. Of course you have to pay the item ;). The box with the item in it is send to you in a transfer version so you can hand it over by yourself. A move script is also included. Hand it over tell her/him she/he should rezz it and just left click the upper part of the box. The box will open and the gift appears.

Have a look at the gift boxes in my mainstore. They are located on the right side near the Christmas tree. There you will also find a notecard giver with all the instructions i mentioned above.
INDI Designs - gift boxes

INDI Designs - gift boxes

INDI Designs - gift boxes

Yours, Jamie Holmer


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I enjoy being a clothing designer in Second Life where I can act out my creativity, my vivid imagination and my love for details and play of colours. View all posts by jamieholmer

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